Discover the magic of these guardians of the sea and let them guide you to unforgettable experiences!

A Large Cross-border Lighthouse Route Network

At Lighthouse Route, we have carefully selected the most fascinating and exciting routes to offer you an unforgettable experience


Immerse yourself in a unique adventure through a network of lighthouse routes that cross multiple countries, from the beautiful coasts of Spain and Portugal to the stunning landscapes of northern Norway.


Explore the history and grandeur of these centuries-old lighthouses as you cruise along the coasts and discover their best-kept secrets.



What is the goal of the Lighthouse Route Network?

The objective is to guarantee the quality of the design of the routes and the contents of the Routes, in addition to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

What Routes are part of this cross-border Network?

They are cross-border or national Lighthouse routes that, when integrated and meet the objectives of the Lighthouse Route Network, can have our logo or distinctive seal.

Quality, Design & Commitment

This seal guarantees exceptional design, and also implies the firm commitment of each Route to the preservation of the environment and sustainable and responsible tourism.

We are proud to assure you that every step you take on our lighthouse tours is carefully considered to ensure a memorable travel experience.

Travel through the Lighthouse Routes network

Explore cultural diversity

Travel across countries and regions, experiencing the rich cultural diversity and unique beauty of each destination.

Immerse yourself in History

  • Discover Europe's fascinating maritime history as you visit historic lighthouses that have guided sailors for centuries.

Enjoy Unmatched Landscapes

Marvel at stunning coastal landscapes, dream beaches and panoramic sea views throughout your trip.

Live Unforgettable Adventures

Embark on exciting outdoor activities, from hiking to boating, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in the Local Culture:

Explore beyond the lighthouses and immerse yourself in the rich culture, gastronomy and customs of the towns you find along your way.

Taste traditional dishes, discover local festivities and connect with the authenticity of each destination, enriching your travel experience with unforgettable memories. 


Let the Lighthouses be the guide to your next adventure

At the Lighthouse Route network, we have carefully selected the most fascinating and exciting routes to offer you an unforgettable experience. Explore with us the best and most interesting lighthouse routes, where each destination will surprise you with its unique beauty and captivating history.